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Pre-trial investigation into the shooting incident in Kauhajoki


Ten people - eight female students, one male student and a male member of the school staff - died from shooting injuries in the shooting incident at the Kauhajoki School of Hospitality on Tuesday. In addition one person was seriously injured. The suspected killer also died later Tuesday afternoon from shooting injuries he had caused himself. 

The shots were fired in a classroom during an exam. The gunman entered a classroom and started to fire at the students. Nine of the victims were found in the classroom and one in the corridor.

The gunman also set a fire in the classroom, for which reason all the victims had serious burns.
The perpetrator had set several fires in the school building, most of which went out on their own. One of the seats of fire flared up later in the afternoon. The fire caused a thick smoke, for which reason the crime scene investigators could not enter the scene until 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

The pre-trial investigation into the incident - which is regarded as ten murders -  is headed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). 

The victims will be identified by the Disaster Victim Identification Unit of the NBI. Last night the dead bodies were transported to the Department of Forensic Medicine of the University of Helsinki for the determination of the cause of death and identification. The victims are so badly burnt that only one of them can be visually identified. The identification, which may take several days, will be done on the basis of the DNA profile and dental charts.

The motive of the perpetrator seems to be hatred. He had left notes telling that he had been planning the act for several years.

The victims hail from the neighbouring areas of Kauhajoki. The National Bureau of Investigation will not release the identity of the victims.

Any information contributing to the investigation of the case may be communicated to the investigation contact number, tel. +358 46 6410354 

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