Finnish Police

The Finnish Police maintain public order and security, prevent and investigate crime and forward investigated cases to a prosecutor for decision (consideration of charges). The police also provide the public with various licence services.

The objective of police operations is to ensure that people can exercise their rights guaranteed by the judicial system and social order.

Latest news
The NBI made an error in entering the name of Putin into the Suspect Data System

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) made an error in entering the name of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin into the Suspect Data System. There was no legal basis for making the entry, and the NBI deeply regrets the incorrect use of the system.
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E-Services for immigration affairs have expanded

The e-services for foreigner’s permit matters ( have expanded to cover all work-related residence permit applications, citizenship application and the registration of EU citizens.
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Students may now apply for a residence permit online

The Finnish Immigration Service and the Finnish police have launched an e-service for the purpose of handling foreigners’ permit and license matters. Among other features, the e-service enables customers to submit an application and to follow the progress of its processing.
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Fingerprints to be introduced to residence permits early next year

Finland is introducing biometric residence permit cards at the beginning of 2012. At the same time residence permit stickers for travel documents will be discontinued.
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Internet policeman chosen as Police Officer of the Year

Sergeant Marko Forss (35), from Helsinki, has been named Police Officer of the Year 2011. Known as Internet Police Officer Fobba, Forss works for the Helsinki Police Department as head of their three-person Virtual Community Police Team.

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Changes in the identity card

Changes will be introduced to the identity cards issued by the police. From 31 May 2011, the identity card of a Finnish citizen will be bluish in colour, the identity card of a minor purple, and the identity card of a foreign citizen brown. Identity cards issued before this date will remain valid until they expire.

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Good results in project to combat travelling criminal groups from abroad

An intensified crime combating project was launched in June to target criminals who come from abroad to commit property offences. The purpose of the intensified measures was to send out a clear message that it is not worth coming to Finland to commit offences, as there is a high risk of being caught.

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