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Pre-trial investigation of an offence

In a pre-trial investigation the police will establish whether or not an offence has actually been committed, under what circumstances it occurred and the identity of the parties concerned. The pre-trial investigation will also establish the extent of the injury or damage caused by the offence, the gain effected by the offender and the demands of the injured party.

The police have a duty to conduct pre-trial investigations without undue delay. A head of investigation is appointed for each criminal case to be investigated who will remain responsible for the progress of the investigation.

The police are also required to notify a prosecutor for each criminal case that they are to investigate when a person is suspected of an offence. Such notification does not, however, need to be given in straightforward cases, such as cases of petty theft, petty assault and endangering traffic.

The general principles concerning pre-trial investigation are laid down in the Pre-Trial Investigation Act.

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