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Identity cards

An identity card is a proof of the holder's identity that includes a photograph. To a limited extent, an identity card can also be used as a travel document.

An identity card also contains a technical component (a microchip), which for example makes it possible to use e-services (a so-called electronic identity card).

On the applicant's request, such as health insurance information can be stored on the identity card, and the card can then be used instead of a Kela card in pharmacies or medical centres.

Identity cards are issued by the police on application. On certain conditions, an identity card can also be issued to a foreign citizen or a minor. For a particular reason, a temporary identity card may also be issued.

A standard identity card is valid for 5 years. A temporary identity card is valid for no more than 4 months. A person may only hold one valid identity card at a time.

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Alternatively, you can contact the police for advice on using an electronic identity card. You can also test your electronic identity card at a police department.


A specimen identity card

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