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Licences and permits for foreigners

Local police

  • issue the first residence permits to foreign family members of Finnish citizens residing in Finland, and to a family member's unmarried minor children
  • issue a new fixed-term residence permit to a foreign national residing in Finland (extended permit), a permanent residence permit and an EC residence permit to a citizen of a third country who has been a long-term resident in the EU
  • issue certificates of registration of an EU citizen's residence permit and certificates of permanent right of residence
  • issue residence cards and permanent residence cards to family members of EU citizens who are non-EU citizens
  • add days of residence to a visa and/or extend the period of validity of visas.
    N.B.! Re-entry visas no longer exist after the entry into force of the new Visa Code on 5 April 2010. 

Submitting applications

A foreign national resident/living in Finland must personally submit his or her permit application to the police department (see Contact information). Check with the police department of your place of residence, which service point in the area handles licence matters.

In case of certain licences and permits for foreigners, the application can also be submitted via an online service. An applicant who has submitted an application via the online service must visit the police department to confirm his or her identity and present the original documents of the attachments required for the application.

Online service for licences and permits for foreigners

For the fees charged for permits issued by the police, see the Ministry of the Interior Decree on service charges and this website under each permit type.

Ministry of the Interior Decree on chargeable performances by the police in 2012

The fee is payable as the application is submitted. Applications submitted via the online service must also be paid for before the application goes out for processing.

For means of payment, see Licences/Service charges


Please e-mail any enquiries about permits and licences for foreigners issued by the police directly to the official address of the police department in the foreign national's place of residence, using the address format

For the contact information of police departments, see under Contact us/Local police.

Other authorities issuing residence permits

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is an agency operating under the Ministry of the Interior which processes and makes decisions in issues associated with entry and residence, refugees and Finnish citizenship.

For more information about the Finnish Immigration Service, visit

Other authorities involved in residence permit decisions

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs/Finnish foreign missions accept residence permit applications abroad and issue visas.

The Employment and Economic Development Offices issue partial decisions associated with residence permits for employment and preliminary decisions on preconditions for issuing residence permits for employment.

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment issue decisions on residence permits for self-employment. 

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