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A passport is a travel document issued to Finnish citizens. A passport is also an official certificate of the holder's identification. Only one person's information is contained in a passport. Children cannot be included in their guardian's passport.

You may only travel with a valid passport issued specifically to you (also applies to children). So, please ensure that your passport is valid well before you travel. It is also recommended that you do not travel with a damaged or defaced passport. If you find that your passport is damaged or defaced, please go to the Police licence services point to apply for a new passport.

When travelling, your personal data (name and social security number) must be up to date in your passport. You must apply for a new passport when, for example, changing your last name by marriage. If your personal data has changed, confirm with the magistrate that your information has been correctly updated in the Population Register. Personal data will be included in the passport as it appears in the Population Register.

The Police issue normal passports and national seafarer's cards. Under special circumstances, the applicant can also be issued a temporary or emergency passport. Upon application, a passport may also be issued in a fast-track/express procedure. The passport fee is higher for fast-tracked passports (see Service fees 1.1.2015).

The finished passport is primarily sent in a sealed envelope directly from the passport maker to an R-kioski convenience store near the delivery address. You may pick up your passport here. See How and where do I pick up my finished passport?.

The information page in a biometric passport contains a microchip. The biometric identifier in passports issued after 21 August 2006 is a biometric facial image stored in the technical component of the passport (the microchip). The biometric identifier in passports issued after 29 June 2009 is both a facial image and the holder's fingerprints.

A biometric passport is primarily valid for 5 years.

A passport containing a microchip can be identified by the microchip symbol on its cover. Passports issued before the introduction of biometric passports and which do not contain a microchip are still valid and in use.

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