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Contact information

Contact information
Pasilanraitio 11
PO Box 11

on working days 8 am - 16:15 pm

Tel. +358 71 877 0111
Fax +358 71 877 2822, E-mail:

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Immigration Police

The Immigration Police’s office
Pasilanraitio 11, Länsi-Pasila

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Licences and permits for foreigners

The Immigration Police is responsible for handling licence and investigation issues related to immigration administration in the Helsinki area. This unit is responsible for the tasks assigned to local police in the immigration legislation. Furthermore, the Ministry of the Interior has separately assigned certain regional and national tasks concerning investigation of asylum and removal from the country to the immigration police.

The Immigration Police deals with
- Processing of residencepermits (including workers)
- EU-Citizens right to residende in Finland
- Visa extensions, re-entry visas
- Passports and travel documents for aliens
- Nationality issues
- Identity card issues for aliens
- Asylum, preliminary investigation, police investigation and protection tasks
- Tasks related to refusal of entry and the preparation and execution of deportation




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